cropped-50647916_2194433840621123_1943741497673252864_n.jpgSt Croix Valley Alliance NOW is a grassroots organization of activists working for progressive causes. It is a chapter of the National Organization for Women as well as an affiliate of the Indivisible. We believe that as a society, we must move forward, not backward. We engage in protecting, changing, and leading progressive values through local grassroots organizing.  We are a very active organization, composed of bright, energetic and interesting people.

Activism works! As the midterm elections showed, we can accomplish a lot when we work together on political, social, and legislative goals. As part of the “Blue Wave” that swept 2017-2018, we were a force to be reckoned with. Members spun off their own Political Committee, We Can Change the World.  SCVANOW became a 501c4 tax-exempt advocacy group. Most importantly, some of our own members ran for office.

SCVANOW is implementing the next stage of our activism in conjunction with other NOW chapters and Indivisible chapters to be even more effective in our advocacy. Our mission is “Advocacy for the Common Good.” Our members gain new skills and experiences while they can share their gifts and talents.

You can build a better community, strengthen our democratic system, and help to make the world a better place. We invite our like-minded friends to join us. Contribute as much or as little of your time as you have. Whatever you have to give to the cause is welcome.

SCVANOW’s History

After the 2016 election, a dozen local women gathered together in a friend’s living room, determined to resist the agenda of the new administration. Calling themselves the St. Croix Valley Women’s Alliance, the group adopted guidelines from Indivisible, a grassroots organization determined to fight injustice with tactics learned from the Tea Party movement. Teams were mobilized: Human Rights, Healthcare, Political Engagement, Education, Environment, and an affiliated Minnesota Political Committee, We Can Change the World(WCCW), that directly recruits, campaigns for, and supports progressive candidates. The teams have created events for public education, debates, and protests, have lobbied for legislation at the state and local level and worked side by side with social welfare nonprofits to help various progressive causes.

Seeking a structure for fundraising, the organization became a chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women), which shares our values. As a chapter of NOW, we are a nonprofit 501(c)(4) social welfare group with an affiliated 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation.

Our Structure

Our Board of Directors is made up of President, Vice President – Administration, Vice President – Action Teams, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Advisory Board is made of Action Team chairs and co-chairs, along with the Vice President – Action Teams. The chairs of the teams are appointed by the President. Standing Committees are Communications, Fundraising, and Membership. Elections for the Board of Directors are held annually in the spring. Election committees to nominate candidates are formed in January.


Although we encourage everyone to join our organization and become official members, we welcome non-members to participate in many of our activities. Membership in SCVANOW is open to like-minded people and includes membership in Minnesota NOW and National NOW. Benefits of joining our chapter include admission to our private members-only Facebook page, eligibility to hold leadership positions in the organization, voting rights in elections, discounts on merchandise and events, placement on our mailing list, a subscription to our newsletter, and inclusion in our private discussion forums.

Our Social Media

Our private members-only Facebook page is:

Our public Website is:

Our Twitter feed is: @scvanow

SCVANOW has come a long way in a short time, and we are committed to building our organization into one that champions social change through activism.We are so very pleased that you are interested in us in that effort!

Board of Directors: Nancy Mclean, President; Mary Ruch, Treasurer; Peg Ludtke, Secretary.

Team Chairs: Shannon Riley and Bonita Linder, Political Engagement Team; Karen Farrington and Selena Freimark – Human Rights Team; Jodie Monson and Nancy McLean, Healthcare team; Pam Neary and Pat Lockyear, We Can Change the World;  Sandra Larson  – Communications Team; Deb Hoffman  – Membership Team.

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