We have a BETTER PLAN!

Julia Child said, “If everything doesn’t happen quite the way you’d like, it doesn’t make too much difference, because you can fix it.”  She was so right.

A while ago, we announced a new Facebook membership policy. We wanted to create a situation where our members could freely express their thoughts and observations on all matters, including upcoming elections, while complying with all state and federal regulations for nonprofits.

We heard from a number of members who asked us to find a better way. They did not want us to lose contact with the 800+ members of our current Facebook group who have not joined our NOW Chapter. We listened. We agreed. Then we came up with a better plan.

A new, private Facebook Group
only for Paying Members of the NOW Chapter 

We have just created a new, private Facebook Group that will only be accessible to paying members of SCVNOW. Invitations to join this group will be sent to all paid members. When you receive the invitation in your Facebook account, just click “accept” and then you will be added to the group by the administrators. Under the umbrella of this new, private group, we will be able to provide the forum for free speech and conversation that so many of you value.

The existing, private Facebook Group 

The existing, private Facebook group will remain active as a bulletin board, to share information about new and upcoming events, and to facilitate connections with other organizations. Comments for all posts in this group will be turned off, so that we can avoid issues with political speech and electioneering. Plus, we would really like these people to join our NOW Chapter and participate in the dynamic conversations in the new, private Facebook group!

The migration will be taking place over the next 10 days. In the meantime, we will do our best to post all news, events, and calls-to-action in both Facebook Groups so that you do not miss anything in the transition.

If you have any questions, please send an email to membership@scvanow.org

Thanks so much for your patience, and for helping us find a better way!

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