Editor’s note: We are starting a little feature series called “My Story” that will introduce you some of the great people who belong to SCVANOW and why they joined. First up is Peg Ludtke, who joined SCVANOW in 2017 and is now its Secretary. Peg is a thoughtful, compassionate worker bee and we can always trust her judgment in decision-making on our board of directors. Here’s her story. If you have a testimonial to share with us about the value of SCVANOW in your life, please send it to vp@scvanow.org

Testimonial: Peg Ludtke

“Fight for the things you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”
-Ruth Bader Ginsburg


I wasn’t aware of this quote by Ginsburg when I joined  SCVANOW, yet the sentiment captures what led me to join this group and get involved. I wandered into a full membership meeting in April of 2017. I had been to Women’s March in D.C. and while energized by the power of that event, I was starting to lose heart for what I could contribute alone to advocate for women’s right and social justice.
My plan was to sit in the back and just observe, see what the St. Croix Valley Women’s Alliance, as it was called then, was all about. But as I walked in, outside the library meeting room, each of the then-five teams, were stationed at tables, inviting me to learn about what they cared about and hopefully convince me to join their team.
I joined the Persisters, because they were focused on human rights. At the time, Shelly Reeves Christensen, who is now serving as the State Representative for our Sentate District 39B, along with Karen Harkins Farrington, were the PerSisters team leaders.
From the beginning, I was impressed by how many women were right here in my community fighting for what they cared about. Going to hearings at the Capitol, rallies, calls to action and inclusion events started to fill up my calendar; there were plenty of worthy opportunities and others ready to fight with me. I had found my people and an outlet for social activism.


I started writing up some of these events, and also summaries of some of the inspiring speakers we had at our full membership meeting the second Sunday of each month. This led to me being asked to join the Communications team, as sort of a reporter.


A few months later, Pat Lockyear approached me about becoming the Secretary for the alliance. I have gladly been in this capacity since March of 2018, keeping track as best I can of the good work of St. Croix Valley Alliance NOW as all of us sisters continue to fight for what we care about.

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