Here is our first newsletter as members of the newly formed Minnesota Indivisible Alliance! We are now part of a statewide force of progressives! The Saint Croix Valley Women’s Alliance will get a lot more accomplished with the power of numbers.

The Minnesota Indivisible Alliance  has sent in the 501C4 paperwork to become a political nonprofit. When it is official, our ability to fundraise will be made a lot easier.

Read the newsletter here:, the introductory paragraph is seen below.

Welcome to the Minnesota Indivisible Alliance! We’re excited about this opportunity to connect grassroots organizations across Minnesota – whether or not you’re an “Indivisible” group – and amplify our voices to impact state and local government. We want to create a community of organizations across the state so we can better support each other, share our knowledge, and learn from others.

In this inaugural newsletter you’ll find information on:

It’s going to be a busy and exciting 2018 in Minnesota! Are you ready? Let’s go!

— Scott, Aimee, Ambre, Jaime, Sonja, and Kelly
Minnesota Indivisible Alliance Founding Board