Gladys Ritter is the newly elected Secretary for St. Croix Valley Alliance NOW. Gladys has been a long time member of the League of Women Voters but decided to focus her efforts in St. Croix Valley Alliance NOW.  In Gladys’ own words this is why she got involved and stepped up to take on the responsibilities of Board Secretary:

More than once I’ve been asked why I’m involved with this organization and my answer is always the same: How could I not be involved? I can”t remember how I came to hear about it, but there was going to be a bus leaving Bayport for The Women’s March in St. Paul on January 2017. I planned to be on it.

That was the start of my involvement with what is now St.Croix Valley Alliance NOW. I hold the position of Board Secretary while standing on the shoulders of other extraordinary women before me.

If I weren’t involved, I never would have been on that bus that dropped us off to join one of the largest demonstrations ever in our state; I never would have written postcards ad infinitum in support of candidates; I never would have witnessed firsthand the unexpected hostility from some in our community towards a respected local Muslim leader; I never would have worked closely on healthcare events with women I came to admire and respect beyond words; I never would have discovered streets in my community I didn’t know existed while driving campaign workers; I never would have experienced shouting at the top of my lungs while standing with others on an I-94 bridge overpass; I never would have joined others in a city street to protest against KavanNAH.

There are more reasons to be involved, but here is the most important reason I am with St. Croix Valley Alliance NOW:  Judy Screaton. Like others, I terribly miss her indomitable spirit. I miss her fearless advocacy, her wicked sense of humor, her refusal to be small so others could be big. Judy was always with us and she will always be with me.

So now when I am asked why I got involved in the St. Croix Valley Alliance NOW I begin by saying there was this bus…

By Gladys Ritter

Note: Photo above features Judy Screaton (top left) and other Saint Croix Valley Alliance Members at a gun safety rally at the MN State Capitol. Gladys Ritter is top right. 

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