IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from the Board of Directors of SCVANOW.

Dear Facebook SCVANOW Group Friends,

After the last presidential election, a miracle happened. One thousand of us found each other and became an alliance. We gathered together in person and on Facebook to turn our despair into action and purpose. We found our voices together.

In just two years, St. Croix Valley Alliance has become a name with clout. We have inspired our members to run for office. We speak out on important issues like healthcare for all, gun safety, the ERA, and human rights. St. Croix Valley Alliance NOW is part of a nationwide movement of grassroots activist organizations dedicated to creating a more just and humane world.

You may not be aware of what we’ve also done behind the scenes. Leadership put in place the structure we need to operate ethically and successfully. We’re are a bona fide nonprofit 501c4 social welfare organization. Legally, financially, and organizationally we are on the right track. Our accomplishments also include a sophisticated social media network not only on Facebook, but on Twitter, Instagram, and our new website

So now we’re asking something of you in return. We need you non-members to join the Alliance as official dues-paying members. All of you.

We know you’re not used to paying for the privilege of being part of our inner circle on our private, closed Facebook page, where we express lively enthusiastic support for our candidates and engage in political speech, pro, and con, for elected officials and parties. But now we need you to officially join our organization. Because if you don’t, we may lose everything.

Why? State and federal election laws. In order to have unlimited free political speech within the digital walls of our organization, we must all abide by the same strict membership requirements set by the Federal Elections Commission.  To the FEC, those of you who haven’t joined SCVANOW are the public. In their eyes, your lively political speech is actually SCVANOW’s campaign contribution to candidates. When non-member political posts keep adding up, as they do during election season, with calls to support or oppose candidates, that is no longer free speech within a nonprofit corporation. It becomes public speech, and we can be slapped with fines and can lose our nonprofit 501c4 status if complaints are filed against us by the opposition.

It is only ok to do this kind of free speech on our Facebook page when we are all members.

The board of directors considered various approaches, including having to limit, censor, or stop political speech on our Facebook page, but that seemed unfair to the 105 people who are dues-paying members.

Annual dues are $35 per year but a sliding scale of $15 for the year is available for any reason.

If joining is a financial hardship, talk to any of us or send us an email at We will do whatever we can to help. Because by joining, we all win. Our organization’s momentum continues. You will stay on our Facebook page to enjoy all the news, information, calls to action, special offers, and team updates you see there today. You will also be able to vote or even run for office yourself in our coming elections.

Join now!

We have a month or so to get everyone to join, but if you don’t join, you can still see many of our activities and calendar items on our public Website at You are also welcome to participate in our actions and groups.

We hope you will stay in the Alliance. Show your commitment to all of us. We need you to join.

Thank you,

The 2018-19 Board of Directors:

Nancy McLean, President
Peg Ludtke, Secretary
Mary Ruch, Treasurer

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