This subcommittee will determine what SCVANOW can do to support voter registration and safe, fair elections in 2020.  The group will propose and lead appropriate actions for SCVANOW to support those efforts.

Others Doing this Work

The local/national organizations that are working in this arena include:

The Future:  Voter Registration/Get Out the Vote
(Some ideas from the Board of Director’s brainstorming/strategic planning session this summer.)

Possible Goals

  • Every woman in the valley is registered to vote
  • Increase female voter turnout by 19% in honor of the 19th Amendment centennial

Possible Objectives

  • Provide voter registration training to SCVANOW members in September
  • Understand what other groups are doing/planning.  Partner with other groups to leverage/maximize results
  • Consider focusing on one aspect of voter population (i.e. older adults)
  • Contact/determine if all high schools are “covered” for registration (the League of Women Voters often coordinates this)
  • If necessary, create and implement a plan to get out the vote.