SCVANOW Members Lobby for Healthcare for All

SCVANOW member Kava Zabawa told our legislators today that we need healthcare for all Minnesotans. Among the many groups at the event were Minnesota Nurses Association ,  Isaiah , Healthcare For All Minnesota, The Land Stewardship Project, Take Action MN, and Main Street Alliance of Minnesota ( small business) were all here! The demonstrators are saying yes to expansion of … Continue reading SCVANOW Members Lobby for Healthcare for All

Making Stillwater More Welcoming

The PerSisters Human Rights Team is working on a campaign to encourage people of all backgrounds, religions, races, and ethnicities to feel welcome in Stillwater. Two members of the Persisters attended the January 18, 2019 meeting of the business group, Main Street Stillwater IBA, chaired by Aimee Pelletier. The Persisters had engaged with the group … Continue reading Making Stillwater More Welcoming

Celebrating the Life of Bernice Sandler

Statement by NOW President Toni Van Pelt 01.08.2019 Bernice Sandler, who passed away January 5 at her home in Washington, D.C., was widely known as the “Godmother of Title IX.”  After earning a doctorate at the University of Maryland in 1969, she applied for one of seven teaching positions in her department but was told … Continue reading Celebrating the Life of Bernice Sandler


What do our members do? We organize motivate, inspire, lead discussions, make phone calls, write, send letters, paint, make posters, take notes, post on social media, work with others, brainstorm, plan events, draw, design, cheer, hold signs, visit our legislators, rally, lobby, chant, sing, engage local businesses, create petitions, bring food to a potluck or any … Continue reading Gallery

Join Our NOW Chapter!

Become a Member of the St. Croix Valley Alliance NOW Be empowered, make a difference! Be on the cutting edge of progressive politics, education, healthcare, environmental protection, and human rights. By  becoming a member, you are supporting the activities of our group and will be admitted to join our inner circle on our private Facebook page … Continue reading Join Our NOW Chapter!


St Croix Valley Alliance NOW is a chapter of the National Organization for Women. We believe that as a society, we must move forward, not backward. We engage in protecting, changing, and leading progressive values through local grassroots organizing.  We are a very active organization, composed of bright, energetic and interesting people. Activism works! As … Continue reading Who Is SCVA-NOW?

Hate Crimes Increase in Minnesota

SCVANOW's Human Rights Team (The Persisters) has worked for the last two years to open dialog between people of different backgrounds and cultures, including working with immigrants, youth, and the homeless. The team met with local merchants to engage them in the discussion to make Stillwater a welcoming city after a hate crime occurred at … Continue reading Hate Crimes Increase in Minnesota

Feminists and Climate Change

  We all know the phrases "Mother Earth" and "Mother Nature." The words speak volumes about the way we see our planet and the role of women in our society. Women have traditionally played the roles of defender, protector, the nurturing parent, the creator and sustainer of life.  Today, climate protection and feminism are deeply … Continue reading Feminists and Climate Change