We are a grassroots social welfare organization that uses every political tool we can to implement a progressive and humane legislative agenda at the local, state and national levels.  Our members doggedly follow our legislators and their legislation, speaking up when we see injustice, greed, and corruption, and taking the reins of power ourselves to get the right candidates in office through our sister Political Committee, We Can Change the World. 

We publicize to our members proposed legislation that requires our attention. With so much going on in Washington, Minnesota, Washington County, and its cities, there is a lot to do these days, and we have to pick our fights carefully. So we work with our Communications Committee to suggest actions we can all take together that will have the largest impact. 

We often ask members to make phone calls to legislators, send postcards, or attend events and protests. 

PET also works with like-minded grassroots organizations and Indivisible chapters, including Indivisible Afton, Indivisible Minnesota Local, Indivisible Marine on St. Croix, River Valley Action, the League of Women Voters, Sustainable Stillwater.

Women with writing, organizing, and speaking skills who are media savvy are especially needed for our communications tasks, especially those who know how to work with the media to get coverage for our positions and events. 

If you can help us, write to us at PET@scvanow.org or attend one of our meetings. Check the Calendar here on SCVANOW for the next one!