The PerSisters for Human Rights, through education, action, and civil dialogue, advocate for the worth, dignity, and equality of all individuals, especially to those who are marginalized and vulnerable.  We envision a community where all people are honored and accepted equally in a just society.

Our recent projects include:

• Backing the NOW effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in Minnesota and ratify it nationally.

• Developing a Response Plan- how do we respond to incidents of hate in the St.Croix Valley, and beyond?  What actions should we take?

• Inviting speakers from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Islamic Resource Group to present at a future SCVWA meeting.  Also collaborating with the new mosque in Afton.

• CEDAW- We hope to get Stillwater to become the 6th Minnesota city to adopt the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

• Volunteering at the International Institute of Minnesota

• Researching the legislature’s proposed and pending bills concerning human rights.

• Connecting with other human rights groups in the Twin Cities.

• Various outreach projects in the St.Croix Valley and beyond.

Due to the immensely broad range of Human Rights topics, our hope and goal is to grow our team, so that we have enough committed and passionate team members to eventually incorporate smaller subgroups each with a single focus (i.e. homelessness, immigration, criminal justice, etc).

To contact us, write to